Our Friends

What? Not enough content on EvilMediaMogul.com for you? Surely I’m offended…. and a little bit sad.
Here’s more content from our Web Bros!


ABNORMAL ENTERTAINMENT: AbnormalEntertainment.com

Our brothers at arms in the hideous world of podcasting. They have more shows than you can shake a 10 foot section of re-bar at.

burningfreakBurning Freak Industries: BurningFreak.com

Home of Mister Scoops, badass surrealist audio producer extraordinaire!

Check out his YouTube and his FaceBook!


The Best Part of Waking Up!

Ground up Comedy: YouTube

Ground up Comedy Facebook

Home of Web Bro Robert Guthrie and friends. I don’t really know these other people but I’m sure they are also great in bed.


Are you in need of quality, affordable female voiceover work? Of course you are!  Check out Debra’s rates at


Lamber LettersIt’s Like Jerky Boys for your mailbox! Check out the TheLamberLetters.WordPress.com!

GametradersAre you tired of paying too much for games? Are you tired of not getting enough money for your game trade ins?

GameTradersUSA is the place for you! Start out at the Facebook Page and then find your local area! Power to the gamers!

z2347bjvjhvDid you know that EvilMediaMogul has a more popular sister site? Yeah! It’s called GameTradersUSA.com It’s run by long time pal Phil Williams Author of several of the better articles on this site! That’s right, it’s not just a Facebook group anymore! It’s a crazy awesome site!

bannerIf I know you, (and I do) you’ve been looking for a reputable charity to throw your support behind. Look no further friendo! The Power of Pain Foundation is fighting the never-ending battle against chronic pain. Check em’ out at PowerOfPain.org and their Facebook Page!

zenggAre you trying to up your game? Check out our Zen-GG.com! Learn how to use your mind to up your gaming prowess by implementing some simple brain hacks!