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Mar 15

FUCK YEAH SCIENCE! – Holy Damp Moons, Batman!

The Moon of Earth. Lifeless. Gray. Boring. I mean, fuck, seriously we once went up there to try and tap it’s bountiful stock of space cheese and when we got there, there wasn’t any damn cheese to be found! Not even powdered, freeze-dried government cheese! And not to be outdone, remember that old canard about …

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Feb 22

FUCK YEAH SCIENCE! – Life, Martian Farts and Curious Rovers

Welcome back to this small and sordid corner of the Web-o-net-ertubes for another installment of Fuck Yeah Science! We’re gonna hitch up the toy hauler to the back of a rocket, grab a cooler full of beer and meet down on the surface of the Red Planet to drive around on dune buggies, fuckin-Nemesis-style! We’re …

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Feb 07

FUCK YEAH SCIENCE! – So This is what it’s like when Hadrons Collide!

Welcome, dear random Internet person, to Fuck Yeah Science, where we bring you the latest science news that isn’t being reported! And with that, today I will be bringing you the latest news from the Large Hadron Collider in Europe! No, I said “hadron.” (Source: http://largehardoncollider.com) Aaaand that news is – nothing! (See what I …

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Oct 12

Space Invaders Infinity Gene Review (iPhone iPad)

My first review. This is for a game called “Space Invaders Infinity Gene” Its available on the app store for 5 bucks I think. The music in the Video was from the game except for “Cybernetic” by Grum which was the song i used when i was playing music mode.