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Feb 18

FUCK YEAH SCIENCE! – Fucking Monopole Magnets, How Do They Work? And More (or Not)

So, let’s say you have a magnet. North pole; south pole, you know the drill from elementary school, right? And instead of just using that magnet to hold that crappy crayon drawing or those expired pizza coupons to the fridge, you decide to Science with it! So what do you do? Why, cut the fucker …

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Feb 07

FUCK YEAH SCIENCE! – So This is what it’s like when Hadrons Collide!

Welcome, dear random Internet person, to Fuck Yeah Science, where we bring you the latest science news that isn’t being reported! And with that, today I will be bringing you the latest news from the Large Hadron Collider in Europe! No, I said “hadron.” (Source: http://largehardoncollider.com) Aaaand that news is – nothing! (See what I …

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