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Jan 24

FUCK YEAH SCIENCE! – Cyborg Implants

It’s been known that we here at EvilMediaMogul take an unusual tack in our predictions, bold assertions and pompous proclamations, usually regarding the FUCK-YEAH-ness of various topics. Far be it for me to complain; these hyperbolic headlines are the currency that we modern internetizens deal in lest our heads literally fucking explode. But every so …

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Oct 09

FUCK YEAH SCIENCE! – I Can Read Your Mind

Greetings, Fuck-Yeah’ers! I had an interesting thought the other day which consisted of the following: “Wouldn’t it be great if I could lazily stare at my computer screen and play SimCity without my fucking wrist falling asleep?” It never fails; even with the mouse pad having an extra gelicious cushion on it, the sensation of …

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May 02

FUCK YEAH SCIENCE! – Follow up: Robo-Bees!

Maybe you clowns remember a recent Fuck Yeah Science post? Something about robot bugs? And several contrived Fifth-Element references? Yeah, it was this post here. And how could I have forgotten to post this shot of Leeloo Dallas Multipass in that article? (From Photobucket; thetrashballerina) It turns out no less a cabal for higher research …

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Mar 30

FUCK YEAH SCIENCE! – Invasion of the Cyborg Bugs!

Greetings fellow Fuck-Yeah trolls, open-minded souls and the other one of our tiny audience. Let us all recall that most ham-handed yet still thoroughly enjoyable of cult classic sci-fi flicks; The Fifth Element. Surely you recall a scene whereby a remotely-operated cockroach is used as a clandestine probe to gather information. It even had a …

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