May 26

FUCK YEAH SCIENCE – Solar Roadways, Is it the fucking future yet?

FYSSo for the most part the future that Hollywood promised me as a kid has been a lie. I’ve got no Self-Lacing Nikes, there is no retrofit flying car add on to make my 1991 Nissan NX capable of flight, and that Hover-Board video that everyone was posting on Facebook was bullshit!

More lies from Hollywood!

Funny or Die? I say DIE!

So something that has given me some hope for the future modernization of humanity is here and it is called solar roadways. Basically its small solar panels with a pane of high density glass (think cutting board not window) with a small array of solar panels on it and led lights in strategic locations.  So the plan is that these can generate power during  the day, provide up to the second road safety alerts at the exact place they are needed.

Look out! There's clip art in the road!!!

Look out! There’s clip art in the road!!!

Another pretty dope thing that the proposed asphalt replacement is able to do is heat up to melt the snow. So, no need to plow!

Snow removal

The ones with snow on em’ are off. Dunce.

Now I know what your thinking hippies, (cause I’ve been inside of you) Look at all the waste that causes and environmental impact blah blah blah…. Ok. Chill… I’ve got this. First off the product is partially made from post consumer materials. Second, replacing all the roads in America with these would generate 3 times the amount of energy we consume! HOLY SHIT!

LEDs - white

Somebody put on his EGORAPTOR pants before making this video…

OMG! thats so fuckin’ awesome! Why aren’t we doing this already? So this project is basically beta as fuck. They had an indiegogo campaign that earned a million dollars quicker than Miley Cirus offering $50 hand jobs at the San Diego Comic Con. People are definitely interested! Some possible problems I personally see are cost (the manufacturer doesn’t know what the cost is yet somwhere between free and infinity dollars) Maintenance problems (is geek squad going to stand in the middle of the I-10 when a panel goes out to troubleshoot it) and Labor Unions, (A few years back somebody invented a new type of asphalt that was made of old tires, it lasted 3x as long and the labor unions refused to install the shit)


So assuming we can overcome those problems the future for our streets is bright! (and solary…. I really thought I had something there, Oh well….)
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