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A tribute to my favorite Facebook sticker “Business Fish!”


Self Portrait


Entry for a Star Wars Contest


Morty/Turbo Kid Mashup.


My dog eating Sushi

Nov 14

Is The Fight App “Rumblr” A Hoax

Would You Participate in a Real Life Fight Club?


Just in case you missed this. Rumblr is a real life “Fight Club” app were participants could z1928ljvhgujschedule bare knuckle brawls. It was set to launch on Nov 9th, 2015. Read the rest of this entry »

Nov 12


If your a fan of action cartoons like me you may have asked yourself this same question.


Since I can remember I have been a fan of action cartoons. In the 80’s I was reeled in with such action cartoons as”G.I. Joe”, “Thunder Cats”, “Transformers”, and many more. To this day I am still geeking out on them at age 33. In my opinion they are much more entertaining then most real life adult shows.

For years I have been seeing this Man of Actions name popping up in the opening credits on 3 of my favorite action cartoons. “Ben 10”, “Ultimate Spiderman”, and “Marvel’s Avengers Assemble” to be specific. Though very curious of who this genius of action animation was, I never took the time to read into him.



So for my first official article ever I decided to do some research. It turns out the Man of Action isn’t just one guy, but a super team of amazing writers. (Duncan Rouleau, Joe Casey, Joe Kelly, and Steven T. Seagle) They aren’t just action cartoon writers either. They also all are comic book writers as well (mostly for Image). I was shocked to figure this out and am even more impressed with this excellent group now.

The group assembled much like the Avengers 15 years ago when they created the long running Cartoon Network Series “Ben 10”, and are still working together to this day. You may also know them from “Generator Rex”, “Gormiti Nature Unleashed”, or the recent Disney movie “Big Hero 6”.


“We have a very socialist business model,” says Seagle, who co-created the “Big Hero 6” characters with Rouleau for Marvel back in 1998. “It shocks and appalls a lot of people. At first we were all skeevy about it, whether that would work in Capitalist America, but it’s really panned out pretty well.”

Though Rouleau and Segal co-created Big Hero 6 back in 1998, they looked on mostly as fans as the film was produced by Disney Animation Studios. They were just happy to see the film be produced at all.


That’s not it for Man of Action Entertainment. They plan to keep the hits a rolling. Now they are branching out internationally through a partnership with Zag Animation Studios, founded by French animation producer Jeremy Zag. They also are set to debute a new “Mega Man Animated Series”, backed by Dentsu Entertainment, set to release in 2017. They are also looking into moving into live-action as well. And hopefully much more to come.

Oct 23

MSPAINT art Requests Part 1

Ive been doing some MSPaint Art in my downtime, taking requests in a small local Reddit Facbook group.

Here are some of my favorites!requests travisselfy stripper saved by sushi    cjann reptileslebowskikentucky fried kissin deendeenzilla  1

Oct 23

Fuck Yeah Editorials! – Back To The Past!

Happy Back to the Future day, everyone! Oh wait, what, I missed it? It’s already October 23rd, isnt it? Well damn it all if I don’t have a flying DeLorean so I could go back and tap into some of that cultural capital (but we here at EMM, we generally take a “fuck it” approach, so I’m’ma do it anyways!) The internet lost their shit about it, of course – my Facebook feed was overrun with multicolored digital displays and links to Huey Lewis and the News videos. There were BTTF viewing sessions at movie theaters across the country. Jimmy Kimmel made a skit about it featuring the Chris Lloyd and Michael J. Fox. Hell, even USATODAY got in on that action, releasing a reprint of the mock front page from the movie (and I bought a copy, because of course I did. Who says print media is dead?!?) And leave it to the gubmint agencies to do the only thing they know how to do – pass bans! But now that October 21st has come and gone and we can chuck yet another movie’s predictions about the future into the wastebasket, what the hell can we take away from it all?



Something, something no flying cars?

Well, I’m just gonna come right out and say it, I think we’re stalling out culturally. We live in an age where nostalgia seems to be the defining guiding force for our pop culture trends. The clothing fashions of the Mad Men and grunge era seem to dominate; the highest-grossing movies are tapping the ever-thinning premise wellspring of the Marvel universe (or are gleefully playing into people’s ability to let themselves be fooled by the hype of a new Star Wars movie, yet again.) It seems like that, yes, a whoo-hoo-hoo, it’s all been done before.


(See, even I can’t escape my own nostalgia for 90s music, goddamnit!)

So what are we to make of this? I mean sure, Back To The Future at least acknowledged the possibility of our unbridled penchant for nostalgia by featuring a Cafe 80’s as part of the storyline. And as an article by Bob Gale in the very same throwback USA TODAY so helpfully pointed out, we do indeed have restaurants with 80’s themed arcade games. And they did make a self-referential jab Hollywood’s omnipresent lazy milking of any popular franchise. But those seemed more like plot contrivances set in the context of the movie set amidst a world where fashion and cultural trends kept moving right along, regardless of how ridiculous they might look.


But hey, at least we’re not wearing codpieces and using oddball, Russian-based slangspeak in a future dystopia, so it’s not ALL bad…

Oh well. Maybe I’m just bitching for no reason. Every generational cohort goes through a nostalgic wave, and it’s just time for us late Gen-Xers and early Millennials. I should be embracing the fact that the shit I grew up with is still so culturally relevant – this wasn’t always the case. But I just worry it’s starting to peak and play itself out. It seems all too easy to slap an 8-bit Mario onto a Tardis and call it clever. But whatever the faults of where our society stands culturally, at least we live in a time where the Biff Tannens are finally being called out for the assholes they always were while what the George McFlys would like reigns supreme – a book about an astronaut surviving on Mars does exceedingly well and its corresponding movie grosses millions. And it’s not as if there isn’t excellent contemporary shit out there, one just needs to know how and where to find it.



Why, on Evil Media Mogul and only on Evil Media Mogul! Of course!

So rejoice, dear reader as I call upon you to not look back but look forward! For despite the problems we face (and the fact that some things will seemingly never change), the future is indeed bright and hopeful – for example, global poverty is falling (did you know that?!?) Let’s continue to work towards making the world a better place, flux capacitor or no! And remember, what Back To The Future got wrong about the future (present?) is not as important as what they got right.



Oh, shit.

Oct 02




galleryimage-563743572-dec-22-2013-1-600x400Like most other adult manbabies of the current of this age I get nostalgic about some stuff. Today I want to share some fond memories of a pizza, a bigass pizza, the BIGFOOT PIZZA! If you were most American kids in the nineties you would have had this whether you liked pizza or not, as it was the staple cheap pizza food stuff of every children oriented get together. Birthday parties, school parties, picnics, ritual sacrifices, potlucks, there was no escaping it! For those of you who are from Europe or Mars, The Bigfoot is to this day the largest pizza Pizza Hut has ever offered measuring in at 12×24 inches, and 21 slices it was way too big to order and eat all by yourself. When I was POP_PH_Bigfoot_LGa kid my mom and I would get one, eat it one night and freeze the leftovers.

This thing came out in 1993 what I would call a “Pizza Critical” Time in history as TurtleMania was in full swing. Yup, Ninja Turtles, Nintendo and Pizza, the trifecta of my childhood.

The first ad aired during the pre show of the finial episode of cheers on May 20th 1993. Her in the ad can see a very young bowl cut Haley Joel Osmond stating that big would be an understatement. Later in the ad, the announcer proclaims “Its bigger than pizza pizza” as a not so subtle jab at Little Caesers “Pizza Pizza” 2 pizza deal. Also the price point of$8.99 for carry out was perfect for parents that were like “Fuck it we’re having pizza tonight!”

In this second ad the Pizza Hut delivery guy comes to liberate the children of their their dystopian classroom atmosphere pizza guyby taking off a mask revealing that he isn’t actually their Orwellian overlord. So if we think about this ad critically for just one second. At the beginning of the ad when all the students are being lectured and all nervous, that is actually the pizza guy wearing a scooby doo style mask. So like did he prepare this whole lecture to properly support the facade? Also how long had he been lecturing these kids to get them so nervous? Is the pizza guy really some sort of masochist? Even in context this image is wicked creepy!

Overall the Bigfoot Pizza was a winning product. The marketing was great, the pizza was great and it left all of us with fond memories of pizza with friends. I’m not sure if the kids of today are missing out by not having access to the Bigfoot Pizza. Part of me wonders if the giant pizza of the nineties was more reflective of a bygone era of friendship and collaboration, and the “just large enough that you can almost eat it all” size of contemporary pizzas are more reflective of our modern me and my smartphone era of society. I cant really substatiate this with any real data but its interesting to think about!

Theres a  “Bring back the Bigfoot Pizza Facebook” page out there give em the thumb if you’d like to see the giant greasy rectangle of our childhoods return!

Aug 18

Banned from iTunes Episode 72 – Of Dildos and AssDouches


BFI72In this weeks installment I have the ingenious/terrible idea of bringing a date on the show. Notorious roller derby girl and fancy plastic owner Matrika/Trick co-hosts as we discuss life as a black market baby, the tragic loss of a dildo, and where to buy bulk rubbers on the cheap. To listen Click Here, to download and save for your scrapbook right click and save as.

Aug 13

Banned from iTunes: Episode 71- I Don’t Remember Saying That.


derpsYO! It’s been a longass time internet, I have been busy as fuck! Perhaps one day I’ll tell you why. Anyhow We recorded this episode weeks ago. I then edited it weeks ago. I can’t remember anything about the episode except we talk about movies, there’s a cliffhanger at the end, and I play some Aesop Rock midway through. If you wanna listen Click Here, if you want to download Right Click Here and save as. Send all your hatemail to EvilMediaMogul@gmail.com

Jul 14

The Stanford Prison Experiment……. is BULLSHIT!


What is the Stanford Prison Experiment?

Today during my regularly scheduled dose of television I saw some guy on The View pimping his new movie about the Stanford Prison Experiment creatively titled “The Stanford Prison Experiment” If you aren’t familiar with the story of the experiment, here is the cliffs notes version: Back in 1971 Stanford psychology professor Philip Zambardo setup a study that a group of  men and set them up in a fake prison scenario where they split the group up 1/2 prisoners and 1/2 guards. The study was set to last 7-14 days but was shut down after only 6 days as because the guards were violating the prisoners rights.

This study chronicled in Zambardo’s “The Lucifer Effect” has gone down in history as a flagrant violation of human rights and inspired some drastic changes in what was acceptable in psychological studies. It has also been a piece of pop psychological history which serves as confirmation for the “People are basically shitty” crowd.

In reality this study was about as whatever Dr Oz is hawking this week for weight loss…

Let’s apply some critical thinking…

In real prisons the ratio of prisoners to guards is 1-5 prisoners to 1 guard, not 1 to 1 like in the study.

Real corrections officers have to undergo at least some basic training before being put to work.

The fact that the participants were willing to participate in a study that would last 7-14 for days being paid $15 a day strongly neither guards or prisoners really had their shit together.

Real guards have other duties than just hanging out and fucking with the inmates.

All the participants were of college age. Many but not all men in this age group are still suffering from “The teenage brain” which is a mess of hormones and still hasn’t fully developed long term planning.

Things you should know about the study:

Most of the guards weren’t shitty to the prisoners.

In 2006 BBC did a partial replication of the experiment as a reality show, to different results.

Zimbardo himself participated in the study himself taking up the role of the prison superintendent.

The study did not track the participants outside of the study. (Were the shitty guards also shitty people?)

The participants were hand picked rather than being a true representation of the population.

Zimbardo has ridden the fame of this study ever since like Eiffel 65 rode that blue song.

In Conclusion…

luciferThis isn’t really a story about how shitty people are. Its more of a story about how shitty one man can become to build a career for himself. The real Lucifer effect is in action in the life of Zimbardo himself. Shit look at this motherfucker, he is 2 horns one tail and a pitchfork away from looking like the devil.

I’m a pretty cynical guy and for people like me it’s all to easy to jump into this study with confirmation bias, like “Oh yeah that explains it.” The fact is that human beings are social creatures. If left to our own devices we aren’t total shitheads. Yeah there has been a fuck ton of atrocities in human history but overall its not in our genetic self interest to all be dicks to each other. In the times before laws and governments people weren’t all fucking each other over at all times. If you were a dick to the guy who picks the fruit, no fruit for you, ETC…

If you view the study with Zimbardo as a subject, you can see the true darkness in the heart of man. One man who was willing to stand by while people are tortured just to further his career and ride the cock of that atrocity for half a century….

This article was partially inspired by this episode of Skeptoid. It is better researched, less hyperbolic, and more factual. Give it a look or a listen!

If you want to view the trailer for this dickass movie here it is. It’s sure to be the most forgettable summer movie of 2015!

Jul 09

Banned from iTunes Episode 70 – Dinosaur Power!


bfi70“Woah, a new episode? You’ve got to be shitting me!!” I shit you not Tim, its a new episode! It hasn’t even been a whole month! We must be back on our game! In this episode Dave and Andy talk about dinosaurs, the new poltergiest, marble hornets, PewDiePie, and some smart shit! Click Here to Listen, to download right click on that hyperlinked text at the beginning of this sentence!

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