Mar 20

Dear NBA

I doubt this will ever be seen by anyone that matters but I wanted to voice my opinion anyway.

Over the last few years NBA basketball viewership has been in a downward trend. chart-tv-ratings-for-the-nba-finals-are-the-worst-in-5-years

I have a simple idea to resolve this. Animate the ball to be on fire and show tracers if after a team has scored 3 points in a row like on the video game NBA Jam. That will most likely bring in that 24 and under demographic and honestly all the old farts will complain about it but won’t stop watching.euzeqryjmudkruxfzq9b

I know we have the technology, the NFL is animating lines on the field, baseball is animating advertising on the stands, and someone is animating a human face onto Hillary Clinton. We have the technology, lets get it done!