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Mar 12

An update.

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Dec 03

Santa Clause Conquers The Martians – A.D.D. REVIEWS (Quickie)


So yeah, Sometimes your heroes beat you to a review. (by 12 years in this case) Since I am going to the event I figure it would be poor form to do one myself, this year at least. I have a couple more weeks to find something else to do for a Christmas episode. They …

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Dec 03

A.D.D. Reviews Episode 2 – Dino Squad

Dino squad review

In episode 2 I review a program from CBS’s “Kewlopolis” programming block (Yeah, cant make that shit up) called “Dino Squad” Its a terrible, badly written, miseducational romp into a world full of people who can change into dinosaurs. Its silly as shit and you can subject yourself to it on Netflix! Get the song …

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Nov 10

A.D.D. Reviews Episode 1 – 1960’s Incredible Hulk

1960s hulk

Holy Ass! After what feels like forever the first episode of A.D.D. Reviews is finally done! Ive been dragging my feet and over thinking it for like a year. I finally planted down and made this. it only took a few hours and I feel pretty confident that I can make one a week. So …

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Oct 12

Space Invaders Infinity Gene Review (iPhone iPad)

My first review. This is for a game called “Space Invaders Infinity Gene” Its available on the app store for 5 bucks I think. The music in the Video was from the game except for “Cybernetic” by Grum which was the song i used when i was playing music mode.

Oct 12

App reviews coming soon!