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Mar 12

An update.

May 08

Something is coming.

Dec 13

Banned from iTunes Episode 59 – Cancercast!


We’re back bitches! Pesky cancer can’t hold this show back!  This week we are joined by infamous superfan Cancer Jim! More cancer than you can shake a stick at!! Click here to listen and right-click and save as to do the saving thing!   Next Week!

Jul 09


May 16

Introducing Blind Runner!

So I (Andy) have been working on a new show with my Friend Cameron Krantzman (of ColoringSquared fame) Called “Blind Runner” it started with me helping with the concept and audio capture technology, and quickly has become a regular thing. The concept is simple, Two friends play a game that they either haven’t played for …

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May 05

Beast Master Action Figure (two idiots play with toys)

Apr 15

Riff-O-Rama, The Ultimate Showdown!- Episode 35 The Banned From iTunes Podcast


Salutations Tim! Another week (or so) has passed, and that can only mean one thing, more Banned From iTunes! For this week’s stellar episode Robert Guthrie sat in with Andy and Mike to discuss such diverse topics as octogenarian orgies, avoidable accidents, sexy saviors, Indy iterations, obsolete observations, terrible turtles and a variety of less …

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Mar 17

#mcconneling – Doing our part!

On Friday Jon Stewart issued a challenge for people who own editing software, set this wordless McConnell ad to music. And when Jon Stewart issues a challenge, we don’t step down! Guile’s Theme: Cause everything goes with Guile’s theme! Here are our contributions Aphex Twin – Funny Little Man: Just because

Dec 27

Titanic 2 Commentary – “Misfit Science Theater 2114”

  So Tim aquired a copy of Titanic 2 at Blockbuster Video (NO SHIT!) at a going out of business sale (that explains everything.) We decided to give it a watch and about 15 minutes before leaving the house I decided we should try making a live commentary for the film. Much like Rifftrax or …

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Dec 03

Santa Clause Conquers The Martians – A.D.D. REVIEWS (Quickie)


So yeah, Sometimes your heroes beat you to a review. (by 12 years in this case) Since I am going to the event I figure it would be poor form to do one myself, this year at least. I have a couple more weeks to find something else to do for a Christmas episode. They …

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