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Feb 28

The dress debate: Democracy has failed.

It’s been a good run folks. This whole democracy thing has been a fun little experiment, Its clear that a majority of people are idiots and therefore we will never advance politically. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, Earlier this week my beloved country lost it’s collective mind and have …

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Feb 20

So, I watched “The Interview”…..

I’m gonna try and be brief here. I went off on the film because of the controversy surrounding it when It came out. Guess I couldn’t have been “wronger” about the outcome of this. There was no new outpouring of support for North Koreans as a result of the movie, the movie came so short …

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Jun 18

FUCK YEAH EDITORIALS! – The Washington Redskins: An Opinion By An Asshole, Privileged White Male who Doesn’t Really Care About This Issue

And if that title weren’t enough to drive you away, well perhaps you’re more open-minded than you originally thought! So as of today, the news is that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has revoked protection for the Washington Redskins football team. This is the latest blow in an ongoing righteous crusade against the team …

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Mar 17

#mcconneling – Doing our part!

On Friday Jon Stewart issued a challenge for people who own editing software, set this wordless McConnell ad to music. And when Jon Stewart issues a challenge, we don’t step down! Guile’s Theme: Cause everything goes with Guile’s theme! Here are our contributions Aphex Twin – Funny Little Man: Just because

Oct 23

Buck 65 – Oh Long Johnson

I realized the other day that the lyrics are from a Buck 65 song are form this talking cat video. So I cracked open Vegas Video and made a video. Honestly before I knew it was the cat’s lyrics I really hated the song. You can look for Buck 65 at his website and buy …

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Jul 15

The Conjuring “Clapper” trailer

My Take on the Conjuring. This movie looks dumb.

Feb 13

Kill your TV!

Finally finished the shooting video!

Jan 28

Josie Sees a Double Rainbow!

Nov 25


Just an average morning at our house.

Oct 24

Roadtrip Videos

In the year 2012. A Roadtrip was taken. Shit was spoken. Tolls were paid.

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