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Oct 12

HP Ultimate Printer Revenge!!

My Printer Stopped working so there was only once reasonable conclusion. KILL IT. Printer shot with: ja22, eaa witness .45 and savage arms .22. Video shot with an iPhone 3gs time lapse and stills shot with a nikon d80. Music is sloy. This is before I got the shotgun. Shotguns kill printers quick!

Oct 12

Impact Seal bouncing target review

We try out some different guns and different caliber ammo on the impact seal reactive bouncing target. We use a Jiminez JA-22 (.22 cal) EAA Witness (9mm) Smith and Wesson Model 29 (44 Mag) Mossburg Maverick model 88 (12 ga #7 Birdshot and rifled slug) and a Winchester model 370 (12ga 00 buckshot). We show …

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