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May 05

Sword Art Online – Starving to play


I’m not as huge into anime as I was say 10 years ago. To be honest its a lot harder to keep up with these days than it was when I was a youngster. “Back in my day we had like 8 videos at the rental store and those few movies they’s play on the …

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Mar 04

Toejam and Earl: Back in the Groove in Development!

Stand back cause I’m gonna hit you with a notstalgiagasm! There is a new Toejam and Earl game in development. Cause many of you consumers of video game related media are young whippersnappers, I’m gonna give you some backstory. Way, way back when games came on strange rectangles rather than on discs or thru the …

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Mar 04

3 Completely Watchable Tool Assisted Speedruns (TAS)

For the uninitiated, Tool Assisted Speedruns or TAS are videos of record breaking speed runs. To accomplish record breaking times players use emulators, hacks, exploits, loopholes, save states, and shortcuts. I like to consider them as a Cliff’s Notes version of Lets Play videos. I picked out a few short ones as I know you …

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Feb 25

DOS Memories: Apogee Part 2

If you missed out on last weeks post. I was broke as a kid and couldn’t afford Super Nintendo, instead, I played games on the family computer. You can read it here if you wanna. So at some point out pals at Apogee decided to re-brand themselves as 3D Realms. Last week I was discussing …

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Feb 18

DOS Memories: Apogee Part 1

Ok, so it’s the 90s and you are me. You love playing video games but your family is too broke to get you a Super Nintendo. What do you do? Get your mitts on DOS Games! Back in my day (I say as a 31 year old in a walker) PC games were inferior to …

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Jan 30

Early Impressions of Aurelia, the Baroness – Borderlands the Pre-Sequel

I was both excited and upset to find out about the new Baroness pack for Borderlands: the Pre-Sequel. The inner kid in me was excited to go through the saga of Elpis again with a new character, while my inner adult realized that my weekend was now spoken for and I won’t be getting around …

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Jan 22

Borderlands Handsome Collection?

It appears that Gearbox has a personal vendetta against my bank account. I am currently on my 5th playthrough of Bodrerlands: The Pre-Sequel and doing what I can only guess is my 14th playthrough of BL2 with my roommate. On average I dedicate about 2 hours a day to this franchise. I’ve been banging away …

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Jan 08

5 SNES Hidden Gems

If you are anything like me, and I know you are, you grew up with a copious amount of video games. I certainly spent many days of my childhood (when I should have been learning social skills) playing 16-Bit video games. So I’m sure you’ve played Super Mario World to death and can speedrun Super …

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Dec 23

My thoughts on Borderlands the Pre Sequel

If you know me, (and I think you do). You know I love the shit out of the borderlands series. I fell in love with the first one because it was a FPS with the leveling up mechanic of an RPG. This alone was enough to get me to playthrough the game 8 times, twice …

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