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Jan 30

Site update!

Written by Andy Ladewski if that wasn’t obvious Sup Tims and Timethas? How, y’all doin? How are the kids? Shit, I’m Glad to hear it! Me? Oh, I’ve been busier than a 1 legged man in an ass kicking contest (getting his ass kicked). Haven’t done a site update in a minute, so I figured …

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Nov 17

Where the fuck is EMM? (personal update)

Yo! It’s me Andy the director and main character of this website thingee. If you are an avid visitor to this site you may be saying “Where the fuck is my content” or “Why hasn’t that lazy basterd made new episodes of ADD Reviews?” or “Why am I such an entitled prick?” Well my friend …

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Jul 12

SharkoSaurus With Snakes for Hands Concept Artwork

Quick update on our too distant to speculate movie project “SharkoSaurus With Snakes for Hands” (s2h for short) Now has a bit of concept artwork. Provided by the world famous Tim this picture is sure to blow minds and moisten pants (in the urine sort of way not in the sexual sort of way, unless …

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Jun 09

The Comments Function is Fixed!

It was brought to our attention recently that the comment system wasn’t working. Now it is. Love that shit!

Feb 05

Site News: Were Whores!

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 10.12.23 PM

Top of the morning Tims! We are officially sellouts! You see those ads to the right of this content? Yeah, that’s revenue! Click that shit! We’ve got bills to pay, equipment to buy, awful movies to make, and we probably wont spend it on drugs! Hey though I think they’ve got our visitor base figured …

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Jan 03

2014 “The year of promotion!”

It was about one year ago that I stood atop the mountain for all to see on this crazyass flat earth and proclaimed that 2013 was going to be the year of content. and oh, yes, it was….. We went from a site with sporadic updates, nonsensical random posts, and no regular content to a …

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Aug 29

Site update: Where we been? Where we going?

why no updates

  YO! EMM followers! Betchya been wondering why things have been slow here recently? What? No? You Haven’t? Whatever, Ima tell you anyway… THA HOSTING SHUFFLE: So for the last few months our beloved site has been playing the internet equivalent of musical chairs hopping server to server. Looking for a host that’s gonna give …

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Jan 03

2013, The year of Content!

Photo on 1-3-13 at 2.19 PM

2012 is dead and we’re still alive! WOOO! Anybody else surprised?? (oh, um no? just me?) Naw, I’m just tugging your collective chain. Got a really awesome year planned as far as content goes! Before the new year we shot a us shooting up TVs in animal heads. This promices to be a rather epic …

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