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May 07

Some advice for the NFL

Screw “Deflate Gate” I have real solutions to your football problems!

Feb 11

Introducing the Baby Head Rating System!

  It looks like people who come to the site really like visual representations of things (as the Who is Listening to BFI infographic). Things I review from now on will have a out of 5 baby head rating! I’ll probably make another set for video game reviews. The verb watch doesn’t really apply to …

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Dec 25

The interview: Why Should I give a fuck?

Okay, Let Me start by listing off the things I know about this movie. 1. It’s about North Korea and Kim Jong Un 2. It’s sparked controversy because of an attempt hack on Sony and an internet blackout of North Korea. 3. It stars those dumbfucks from Pineapple Express. That’s it. I haven’t even watched …

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Jul 15

WTF Comments?

After being disappointed by the new TMNT trailer this evening, I decided that I would go ahead and read the some of the comments I saw the expected “Fuck you Michael Bay” and the “I cant wait to hate this movie” and the trolls saying “Fuck you this movie is awesome” and “Michel Bay’s name …

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Apr 08

I am Meme and So Can You!


I’m still trying to figure out how to Internet and promote the site at the same time. So after seven hours of browsing Reddit, I came up with this meme thing. Write your local paper mills and congresspeoples or MPs or whatever, and ask them to make paper towels that don’t Albertize! Thank you.