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Lacking all modesty, these infographics are sure to misrepresent reality by being visually loud, unapologetic and likely full of incorrect information. Just like your favorite blowhard talk radio pundit! But fuck you if you can't see the Truth served to your unworthy consciousness in these graphics by writing them off right away. Punk-ass motherfucker...

May 07

Some advice for the NFL

Screw “Deflate Gate” I have real solutions to your football problems!

Jan 31


YOU WANT EXCITEMENT?! SHOVE THIS DOWN YOUR STOCKING! Submitted for your (dis)approval by the Jerkoff Society, I present you a HYPERBOLIC INFOGRAPHIC! Discover the sweet nectar of the Gods that is a fucking CranGrenade! I don’t say this lightly, but you are not worthy. I’m not worthy. And if I’m not, the fuck makes you …

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