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May 02

FUCK YEAH SCIENCE! – Follow up: Robo-Bees!

Maybe you clowns remember a recent Fuck Yeah Science post? Something about robot bugs? And several contrived Fifth-Element references? Yeah, it was this post here. And how could I have forgotten to post this shot of Leeloo Dallas Multipass in that article? (From Photobucket; thetrashballerina) It turns out no less a cabal for higher research …

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Apr 26

FUCK YEAH SCIENCE! – E. Coli: Doing Good for the World. Wait, what?

Here at Fuck Yeah Science, we like to think we make a difference. Our mission here is to bring you the best of the cutting-fucking-edge of science but that the rest of the lamestream media won’t talk about. So here, you won’t need us to talk about the discovery of earth-like worlds out in space. …

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Mar 30

FUCK YEAH SCIENCE! – Invasion of the Cyborg Bugs!

Greetings fellow Fuck-Yeah trolls, open-minded souls and the other one of our tiny audience. Let us all recall that most ham-handed yet still thoroughly enjoyable of cult classic sci-fi flicks; The Fifth Element. Surely you recall a scene whereby a remotely-operated cockroach is used as a clandestine probe to gather information. It even had a …

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Mar 04

FUCK YEAH SCIENCE! – Nickel on Ice, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Heat as Kinetic Energy

Hello once again, Internet scavengers! Let no one accuse me of surreptitiously being lazy – after all when I am not living up to my full potential, I will gladly admit it to anyone who suspects it. It’s the only way I can build up trust with you, the audience of Fuck Yeah Science! After …

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Feb 22

FUCK YEAH SCIENCE! – Life, Martian Farts and Curious Rovers

Welcome back to this small and sordid corner of the Web-o-net-ertubes for another installment of Fuck Yeah Science! We’re gonna hitch up the toy hauler to the back of a rocket, grab a cooler full of beer and meet down on the surface of the Red Planet to drive around on dune buggies, fuckin-Nemesis-style! We’re …

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Feb 07

FUCK YEAH SCIENCE! – So This is what it’s like when Hadrons Collide!

Welcome, dear random Internet person, to Fuck Yeah Science, where we bring you the latest science news that isn’t being reported! And with that, today I will be bringing you the latest news from the Large Hadron Collider in Europe! No, I said “hadron.” (Source: Aaaand that news is – nothing! (See what I …

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Jan 28

FUCK YEAH SCIENCE! – With Apologies to the Tinfoil-Hat Crowd

So, keep this on the down-low. If the CIA finds out what I’m about to tell you, they’re gonna send out the black ops to take us out. And this ain’t no Area 51-Bigfoot-Nostradamus shit, either. What you’re gonna see here will blow the lid off the illuminati-lizard-people-Rothschild spell that you’ve been living with since …

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Jan 21

FUCK YEAH SCIENCE! -Printable, high-efficiency solar cells.

Hello world. My name is Tim Davis and I am making my debut on EMM with a new section, Fuck Yeah Science! I may end up with other oddjobs, but for now, I am content with bringing you all that’s fucking awesome in the world of science! Living in the desert, one is apt to …

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Jan 20


FUCK YEAH SCIENCE! “What is that?” you may ask. The simple answer is science that will make you say “FUCK YEAH!” It seems that every month there are some “totally balls to the wall fucking awesome” science news stories that are being passed over by the media in favor of more sensationalist or populist stories. …

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