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May 05

Sword Art Online – Starving to play


I’m not as huge into anime as I was say 10 years ago. To be honest its a lot harder to keep up with these days than it was when I was a youngster. “Back in my day we had like 8 videos at the rental store and those few movies they’s play on the …

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Feb 12

CN Primetime: Teen Titans GO!

So like you know when a movie is really good and they make a sequel that totally sucks? You know like the Star Wars prequels or Jurassic Park 2. This isn’t quite like that cause you suffer through those for the love of the original. “Teen Titans Go!” is more like Speed 2: Cruise Control …

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Feb 04

CN Primetime Intro/Clarence

Cartoon Network has changed. I get that. I’m a stodgy old man who partially yearns for the good old days when Cartoon network was a realm of old leftover super hero cartoons from the 70s, enough Scooby Doo to choke a mastodon, and non starters such as the computer animated asymmetry of the Moxy Show …

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