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Mar 12

An update.

Mar 20

Dear NBA

I doubt this will ever be seen by anyone that matters but I wanted to voice my opinion anyway. Over the last few years NBA basketball viewership has been in a downward trend. I have a simple idea to resolve this. Animate the ball to be on fire and show tracers if after a team …

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Feb 28

Even More MsPaint!


Jan 28



Oct 23

MSPAINT art Requests Part 1

Ive been doing some MSPaint Art in my downtime, taking requests in a small local Reddit Facbook group. Here are some of my favorites!        

Oct 02


    Like most other adult manbabies of the current of this age I get nostalgic about some stuff. Today I want to share some fond memories of a pizza, a bigass pizza, the BIGFOOT PIZZA! If you were most American kids in the nineties you would have had this whether you liked pizza or …

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Jul 14

The Stanford Prison Experiment……. is BULLSHIT!

What is the Stanford Prison Experiment? Today during my regularly scheduled dose of television I saw some guy on The View pimping his new movie about the Stanford Prison Experiment creatively titled “The Stanford Prison Experiment” If you aren’t familiar with the story of the experiment, here is the cliffs notes version: Back in 1971 …

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Jun 01

Kung Fury! Holy Shit, This is Awesome!

If you haven’t seen this yet, watch it RIGHT NOW! Now that you’re life has been changed forever, let’s talk about this. Kung Fury started as a passion project by David Sandberg, he did his principal shooting, made a trailer, and stuck it on kickstarter looking for the modest funding of $100,000. The trailer went …

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May 22

GM & John Deere’s DMCA Plans: The Facts.

So everyone I know is posting this piece of news with headlines similar to “You don’t own your car! GM says so.” This would be another example of a sensationalist headline that links you to a couple paragraphs that are designed to rustle your jimmies rather than inform you. I’m going to do my best …

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May 08

Something is coming.

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