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Mar 12

An update.

Mar 20

Dear NBA

I doubt this will ever be seen by anyone that matters but I wanted to voice my opinion anyway. Over the last few years NBA basketball viewership has been in a downward trend. I have a simple idea to resolve this. Animate the ball to be on fire and show tracers if after a team …

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Feb 28

Even More MsPaint!


Feb 13

Titanic, Too! (And The Reporters Played On…)


Who doesn’t love a great story? Particularly one that tugs at our sense of nostalgia, sorrow for senseless tragedy and desire for a new beginning? It seems our particular modern brand of instant-access news media is built on sharing stories we all want to read, whether it be salacious and outrageous on the one hand or …

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Feb 07

Fuck Yeah Editorials! – Why, Despite Liking Football, I Hate The NFL

Supe Rbowl

So today is the big day. Super Bowl Sunday! From the frozen, Nor’easter-spawning, fishing-trawler-killing seas of the Atlantic seaboard to the plastic- and radiation-infested shores of the Pacific (and all points in between) Americans and their diaspora the world over will be engaging in a ritual now a half-century old! Meeting up with friends and family, …

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Jan 28



Nov 14

Is The Fight App “Rumblr” A Hoax

Would You Participate in a Real Life Fight Club? Just in case you missed this. Rumblr is a real life “Fight Club” app were participants could schedule bare knuckle brawls. It was set to launch on Nov 9th, 2015.

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Nov 12


If your a fan of action cartoons like me you may have asked yourself this same question. Since I can remember I have been a fan of action cartoons. In the 80’s I was reeled in with such action cartoons as”G.I. Joe”, “Thunder Cats”, “Transformers”, and many more. To this day I am still geeking …

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Oct 23

MSPAINT art Requests Part 1

Ive been doing some MSPaint Art in my downtime, taking requests in a small local Reddit Facbook group. Here are some of my favorites!        

Oct 23

Fuck Yeah Editorials! – Back To The Past!


Happy Back to the Future day, everyone! Oh wait, what, I missed it? It’s already October 23rd, isnt it? Well damn it all if I don’t have a flying DeLorean so I could go back and tap into some of that cultural capital (but we here at EMM, we generally take a “fuck it” approach, so I’m’ma …

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