Mar 06

Banned from iTunes Episode 73 – This Podcast is Problematic


problematicHey Tims, the Show’s back! (Sorta) My indefinite podcast hiatus continues.This episode is more of an experiment, It’s actually not my content and I am basically copy-pasting it cause I thought it was so fucking brilliant. This show is the best way that I have to pass on more complex content. I am barely in this one, therefore it is the SMARTEST EPISODE EVAH!

Click here to listen, Right Click to download, (Have you done this before?)

Here is the original content give it a look, its actually better than the podcast cause I had to cut some visual gags to make it work in audio.

Check out JT Sexkik’s channel and subscribe to his ass. You wont regret it!


I actually have a pile of (really not so good) content recorded. form various hangouts, with shit audio, that I need to chop together into episodes. Were gonna have to push through these before we can get to proper BFI episodes.