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  2. Fuck Yeah Editorials! – Why, Despite Liking Football, I Hate The NFL — February 7, 2016
  3. Fuck Yeah Editorials! – Back To The Past! — October 23, 2015
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  5. FUCK YEAH SCIENCE! – Cyborg Implants — January 24, 2015

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  1. FUCK YEAH SCIENCE! – Nickel on Ice, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Heat as Kinetic Energy — 1 comment

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Feb 13

Titanic, Too! (And The Reporters Played On…)


Who doesn’t love a great story? Particularly one that tugs at our sense of nostalgia, sorrow for senseless tragedy and desire for a new beginning? It seems our particular modern brand of instant-access news media is built on sharing stories we all want to read, whether it be salacious and outrageous on the one hand or …

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Feb 07

Fuck Yeah Editorials! – Why, Despite Liking Football, I Hate The NFL

Supe Rbowl

So today is the big day. Super Bowl Sunday! From the frozen, Nor’easter-spawning, fishing-trawler-killing seas of the Atlantic seaboard to the plastic- and radiation-infested shores of the Pacific (and all points in between) Americans and their diaspora the world over will be engaging in a ritual now a half-century old! Meeting up with friends and family, …

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Oct 23

Fuck Yeah Editorials! – Back To The Past!


Happy Back to the Future day, everyone! Oh wait, what, I missed it? It’s already October 23rd, isnt it? Well damn it all if I don’t have a flying DeLorean so I could go back and tap into some of that cultural capital (but we here at EMM, we generally take a “fuck it” approach, so I’m’ma …

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Mar 15

FUCK YEAH SCIENCE! – Holy Damp Moons, Batman!

The Moon of Earth. Lifeless. Gray. Boring. I mean, fuck, seriously we once went up there to try and tap it’s bountiful stock of space cheese and when we got there, there wasn’t any damn cheese to be found! Not even powdered, freeze-dried government cheese! And not to be outdone, remember that old canard about …

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Jan 24

FUCK YEAH SCIENCE! – Cyborg Implants

It’s been known that we here at EvilMediaMogul take an unusual tack in our predictions, bold assertions and pompous proclamations, usually regarding the FUCK-YEAH-ness of various topics. Far be it for me to complain; these hyperbolic headlines are the currency that we modern internetizens deal in lest our heads literally fucking explode. But every so …

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Jun 18

FUCK YEAH EDITORIALS! – The Washington Redskins: An Opinion By An Asshole, Privileged White Male who Doesn’t Really Care About This Issue

And if that title weren’t enough to drive you away, well perhaps you’re more open-minded than you originally thought! So as of today, the news is that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has revoked protection for the Washington Redskins football team. This is the latest blow in an ongoing righteous crusade against the team …

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Feb 18

FUCK YEAH SCIENCE! – Fucking Monopole Magnets, How Do They Work? And More (or Not)

So, let’s say you have a magnet. North pole; south pole, you know the drill from elementary school, right? And instead of just using that magnet to hold that crappy crayon drawing or those expired pizza coupons to the fridge, you decide to Science with it! So what do you do? Why, cut the fucker …

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Jan 31


YOU WANT EXCITEMENT?! SHOVE THIS DOWN YOUR STOCKING! Submitted for your (dis)approval by the Jerkoff Society, I present you a HYPERBOLIC INFOGRAPHIC! Discover the sweet nectar of the Gods that is a fucking CranGrenade! I don’t say this lightly, but you are not worthy. I’m not worthy. And if I’m not, the fuck makes you …

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Jan 03

FUCK YEAH SCIENCE! – Ancient Book + Modern Forensics =s Amazing Historical Discovery

Greetings and happy new year to all you wonderful Tims out there. I hope we are all well, rested from the revelry and celebration of the season (along with the inevitable hangovers and whatnot.) Having been gone in a holiday-season-induced haze the last few months, I couldn’t help but feel as though I’ve been half …

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Oct 09

FUCK YEAH SCIENCE! – I Can Read Your Mind

Greetings, Fuck-Yeah’ers! I had an interesting thought the other day which consisted of the following: “Wouldn’t it be great if I could lazily stare at my computer screen and play SimCity without my fucking wrist falling asleep?” It never fails; even with the mouse pad having an extra gelicious cushion on it, the sensation of …

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