EvilMediaMogul is:

timTim Davis: Writer, site contributor, podcast personality, founding member, evil genius.

Tim is the brains of our humble website. He is the writer of the Fuck Yeah Science! article series. His intellect adds the slightest bit of credibility to our silly little endeavor. He has also been in a few of our videos. Tim is also the primary fan of “The Banned From iTunes Podcast” and the reason that all fans of the podcast are called Tim. He also sits in on some episodes to break the fourth wall. You may recognise him as the guy with the shotgun wearing the monster mask from the “Kill Your TV” video. Word on the street is he will soon be contributing to our video catalogue so keep your eyes on our homepage for that.


Mike Grim: Site contributor, podcast personality, loveable bastard next door.mike

Mike is the foul mouthed shorter half of “The Banned From iTunes Podcast”. His personality has drawn literally tens of people to the podcast. You may recognize Mike as a guy you saw on the side of the road begging for change. His love of the word cunt is an absolute joy to behold, as is the zeal that he throws into his grammar natzism. Their might be fewer things that bring joy to me than pissing him off, ironically. (Take that motherfucker!)



Andy Ladewski: Moderator, site contributor, artist, founding member, handsome face of the site.

Andy is the taller fancier half of “The Banned From iTunes Podcast” he designs most of the website and wrote the about us page. He also does most of the video editing and stars in the “A.D.D. Reviews” and “vBlorg” video series’. If you haven’t seen any of those you may recognize him is the guy wearing the horse head from the “Kill Your TV” video.




Ray Lane: Site contributor, founding member, podcast personality, fixer of broken ass equipment.

Ray is the strong central core of the site. He sits in on “The Banned From iTunes Podcast” from time to time. You may also recognize Ray as the guy in the dinosaur head from the “Kill Your TV” Video.



Joe Stadler: Technical Director and general intellect.

Joe is responsible for all the behind the scenes mouse in a hamster wheel work that keeps the website running well. Also his hookup with free hosting freed up the cash we needed to get the audio recorder we use to record the “Banned From iTunes Podcast” Thanks Joe!

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