Mar 12

An update.

May 14

Banned from iTunes Episode 77 – Yup, We’re drunk!


BFI77I’m gonna go ahead and apologize in advance for this episode. This episode is a combination of new equipment and drunkenness, it totally sounds like ass. Anyhow we do plenty of fun stuff despite our cognitive abilities. I review this crappy rosewill wifi adapter, we watch Jerry Jackson’s Salad Findles OMG! We discuss terrible champagne,  discuss cryonics, then we answer the dumbest quora questions. Good Times! Audio poop is an ad for some porno that i found on the youtubes!

To listen, Click Here! To right click and save as, right click and save as!

May 07

Banned From iTunes Episode 76 – No Butt Stuff, Gazorpazorp Motherfuckin’ Field, and Death.


BFI76In this weeks episode Handsome Dave, Bennie and myself discuss the neighborhood rapists, mundane co worker small talk, Rick and Morty, and some other stuff (Non butt stuff) This weeks audio poop is Star Wars droids discussing the subject of smoking.

To listen Click Here. To download right click and Save As.

Apr 30

Banned From iTunes Episode 75 – The Rich Poor.


BFI74In this weeks episode I am joined by Handsome Dave and Bennie. We discuss the bums in our neighborhood some shit about 10 Cloverfield Lane, and prolly something else i’ve forgotten.

This weeks audio poop is YuGiOh! Explaining his stance on marajuana over the beat from Nas’ If I Ruled the Wold.

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Apr 23

Banned from iTunes Episode 74 – Welp, That happened!

bfi74So I guess I recorded, editided and uploaded an entire episode and forgot about it. Now that I’ve got some new eps on the way I prolly oughta release that shit! to listen to this orphaned ass episode Click Here! To download and save for some reason right click and save as! Guests are Handsome Dave and Tim Himself.

I also threw in this little bit about trump and the media at the end.  Check out the NerdWriter’s Channel.


Mar 20

Dear NBA

I doubt this will ever be seen by anyone that matters but I wanted to voice my opinion anyway.

Over the last few years NBA basketball viewership has been in a downward trend. chart-tv-ratings-for-the-nba-finals-are-the-worst-in-5-years

I have a simple idea to resolve this. Animate the ball to be on fire and show tracers if after a team has scored 3 points in a row like on the video game NBA Jam. That will most likely bring in that 24 and under demographic and honestly all the old farts will complain about it but won’t stop watching.euzeqryjmudkruxfzq9b

I know we have the technology, the NFL is animating lines on the field, baseball is animating advertising on the stands, and someone is animating a human face onto Hillary Clinton. We have the technology, lets get it done!

Mar 06

Banned from iTunes Episode 73 – This Podcast is Problematic


problematicHey Tims, the Show’s back! (Sorta) My indefinite podcast hiatus continues.This episode is more of an experiment, It’s actually not my content and I am basically copy-pasting it cause I thought it was so fucking brilliant. This show is the best way that I have to pass on more complex content. I am barely in this one, therefore it is the SMARTEST EPISODE EVAH!

Click here to listen, Right Click to download, (Have you done this before?)

Here is the original content give it a look, its actually better than the podcast cause I had to cut some visual gags to make it work in audio.

Check out JT Sexkik’s channel and subscribe to his ass. You wont regret it!


I actually have a pile of (really not so good) content recorded. form various hangouts, with shit audio, that I need to chop together into episodes. Were gonna have to push through these before we can get to proper BFI episodes.


Feb 28

Even More MsPaint!

sharted asschris dick time mspaint mylilbernie political  superb owl tenso test worst

Feb 13

Titanic, Too! (And The Reporters Played On…)

Who doesn’t love a great story? Particularly one that tugs at our sense of nostalgia, sorrow for senseless tragedy and desire for a new beginning? It seems our particular modern brand of instant-access news media is built on sharing stories we all want to read, whether it be salacious and outrageous on the one hand or wholesome and interesting on the other hand – and it’s that latter type of “feel-good” story I wish to discuss today.

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Feb 07

Fuck Yeah Editorials! – Why, Despite Liking Football, I Hate The NFL

So today is the big day. Super Bowl Sunday! From the frozen, Nor’easter-spawning, fishing-trawler-killing seas of the Atlantic seaboard to the plastic- and radiation-infested shores of the Pacific (and all points in between) Americans and their diaspora the world over will be engaging in a ritual now a half-century old! Meeting up with friends and family, consuming copious amounts of beer and fried, cholesterol-rich and heart-attack-inducing goodies and arguing pointlessly over which team most deserves to win some rings (and a silver trophy that, unfortunately, is fraught with its own Freudian symbolism.)

I mean, it is a stiff shaft with a ball on it – even if the placement is not anatomically correct. (Source:

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